Oliver Linsley, long time coastal resident of Passage and Savary Islands. A former film producer, Oliver is the driving force behind Raincoast. Mainly as an excuse to muck around in boats more. 

Case Vandervalk, Owner of Hornby Ocean Kayaks, Has spent over three decades on the islands, cycling, kayaking, and playing around in boats. 


Xicalli Boles (sh-kay-lee) has spent a lifetime living on a small rock in the windiest spot on the south coast. She has forgotten more about boats, the ocean, and living off grid than most burly men will ever know. She tells us what to do....

Aaron Marolla, network engineer and an islander at heart.  When Aaron isn't analyzing network statistics and performance data he's usually daydreaming of how and when he'll be able to get to Savary Island again without getting sea sick.


Travis Derkatch. An impressive field engineer who excels at any height and challenge. :Likes to windsurf in winds so strong that they stop ferries from running. 

Steve Harmer, systems engineer and long time resident of Passage island. Steve has spent the last twenty years building his house and hopefully one day he'll be finished.