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Seasonal plans work the same as our regular plans between Easter Break and Thanksgiving. Should you find yourself in Winter needing internet, each plan provides an allowance of data so that you're never offline, no matter when you're there. Seasonal plans are billed monthly year round. 


A plan to surf the net and email with. Get your work done.

5 mbit download speeds

2 mbit upload speeds 

50 GB  monthly data

40 GB off-season data. 

$1 per extra GB

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Fast and reliable. This plan gives you the speed to do most anything and the data to do it twice.

20 mbit download speeds

3 mbit upload speeds 

150 GB  monthly data in Season

100 GB off-season data

$1 per extra GB

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This plan has you covered. Drop your satellite tv. Watch Netflix, stream live tv, video conferencing & use business platforms. 

50 mbit download speeds 

10 mbit upload speeds 

Unlimited data in Season

150 GB off-season data. 

$1 per extra GB

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